Latest Maternity Photography News: Latest Baby Photography Video at My Richmond Studio

Newborn Photography London.
Newborn Photography London.

I love to commission videographers to shoot 'See me at work' videos. I love the way they show my potential new clients, how the studio looks, what am I like, and I truly believe you get a feel for how your session is likely to look and run. It's a great insight and says so much more than a static photograph of me, taken some years back.  

I hope they give you a little glimpse into my friendly personality. Lets you see that the sessions are run in a professional manner and see that baby safety is of utmost importance to me. 

Here is stunning baby Willow with proud parents Jodie and Nev. 

This video was shoot at my brand new photography studio which is located at 92 Kew Road, Richmond, West London.