Baby & Family Photography: At Your Home: West Hampstead Baby Photography at Home

Baby photography at your home in London. Taken by award winning baby photographer  Nemi Miller.


Baby Photography Session. 

Photographed at client's home in West Hampstead, London. 


I started photographing babies over six years ago and have a real passion for it, which I hope shines through my work.  

Babies from about a month old are lots of fun to photograph - they can often share a smile or two, look very curious and definitely love to have a cuddle with mum and dad.  

It's fabulous to capture little ones once they are sitting up unaided and to see that long teething drool make its way down their chins. They are no longer sleepy newborns and are their laughs, frowns, giggles and curious looks are just adorable.  

My baby photography is distinctive and definitely shouts out - It's a portrait captured by Nemi.  

I think it's very important to capture family portraits as well as, individual baby and mum and baby and dad shots too. Often an older sibling or grandparents also come in and have their family portraits with the new arrival which makes for a very special experience. Let's face it - as cute as the newborn babies are, how strange would it be not to have any official portraits shot with the parents!  

Some would like to have a baby photography session but find the thought of travelling in a car just too daunting. Add to that trying to pack all the necessary clothing, nappies, a soother, make-up and you find that after many sleepless nights, things do get left behind. I've had one lovely couple arrive and as they settled down to feed the baby, mum suddenly says to the dad ‘You did take the baby’s bag into which I packed all the clothes for the shoot?’. He replied – ‘But I thought that you took it?’. As they travelled for over an hour to get to my studio, going back home was not an option. Luckily babies look great in their birthday suit and with a help of sweet blankets and my props we still got a fabulous selection of photographs from their session. 

Another bonus is having some natural light photographs taken at the same time. These feel a lot different to the studio lighting and tend to look superb in black and white. 

If you have a reasonable space in your living room for me to set up a couple of lights and the all important beanbag on which your baby lies, then we are ready to shoot your newborn’s first professional photography session in the comfort of your own home! Perhaps you prefer lifestyle images where I utilize natural light or maybe black and white photographs are your favourite? I try to be as versatile as possible and shoot in different styles to give you the best selection of images from your shoot.