About Nemi


What I do, comes from my heart. I am dedicated to providing portraits of you and your loved ones that touch your emotions. 

Welcome to my webpage. I am an award winning portrait photographer working from a studio in Richmond, West London. Please take a look at my latest award winning maternity photograph

I'll keep this introduction short as I hope the images in my galleries give you a good idea of the style of photography I create. I must say that taking photographs is much easier than writing about myself, however I would like you to get a feel for what motivates me in my work. 

I am very lucky to be doing what I love every single day - I am inspired by smiles and giggles, grumpy faces, tears, looks of anticipation and blossoming love in a mother's eye. My aim is to evoke feelings of love, to make people laugh, to capture the fleeting moment of a newborn baby in a unique and special way. It a privilege to witness the joy and excitement on new parents' faces when they look at their baby. 

I want my images to go on a life's journey with you and those close to you.